Coming from Stuttgart, we have petrol in our veins.
But water is our element.

Water is an essential part of our lives and our environment. Water, with various degrees of purity, is also essential for the demanding processes in industries, like the semiconductor, solar, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Fresh water, process water and wastewater form a cycle. For the pioneer and inventor Willy Hager, it was therefore only logical in 1932 to connect them all together.

“If fresh water becomes process water and then wastewater, then wastewater has to become fresh water again.” This was the vision of his traditional Swabian family business, founded in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. HAGER + ELSÄSSER today ranks among the world’s leading technology companies for a holistic water management based on our numerous patents and proprietary process technologies.

HAGER + ELSÄSSER’s plants and equipment for processing and water clarification as well as for water and wastewater treatment and resource recovery are used in more than 160 different countries. Even when it comes to the extraction of biogas from organic substances in wasterwater the company is in its element. But HAGER + ELSÄSSER is at home in the metropolitan and technological region of Stuttgart.