«Our attractive, secure and diverse environment contributes to the commercial success of Baden-Württemberg. There is good living and working in the Southwest.»

Strength through diversity and creativity

Innovations have shaped the history of Baden-Württemberg. The ideas of great and small entrepreneurs have made our state what it is today: an important and internationally recognised business and investment hub drawing economic strength from all regions of the state.
Strong and committed entrepreneurial personalities stand behind this success, as well as many creative and reliable employees whose expertise and work commitment are indispensable to our economic achievement.

An attractive, secure and diverse environment also contributes significantly to the commercial success of the state. We can be especially proud of the scenic and cultural diversity of our regions. An attractive living and working environment is not only offered by the Stuttgart metropolitan area – one can also live and work very well in other parts of the state.

With an economic output of 389 billion euros in 2012, the state has a greater gross domestic product than a number of nations (e.g. Belgium, Austria or Denmark). Baden-Württemberg achieves top results for target quantities such as economic growth, work productivity, low unemployment and the innovation index.

Compared to other German federal states, Baden-Württemberg has by far the strongest, most broadly established and best networked research and industrial infrastructure at its disposal, with 5.1 per cent of the gross domestic product flowing into research and development. For years, the state has remained at the leading edge of patent applications in Germany. The heritage of creative minds and great inventors such as Robert Bosch, Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler is being sustained.

The state government aspires to strengthen our innovation capability and continuously develop our economic location by the systematic orientation of technology policy on growth sectors such as sustainable mobility, environmental technologies, medicine and biotechnology as well as information and communications technology.
In the interplay of economics and politics it is important to face the challenges of the global market while maintaining economic output in accordance with social fairness and ecological responsibility for the common good while ensuring security and economic well-being for the individual.
We are on the right path together! This publication also confirms this belief, providing you with an impressive introduction of the state capital Stuttgart and surrounding regions. There is, after all, good living and working in the Southwest!

Dr Nils Schmid MdL
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economics of the State of Baden-Württemberg