NORD-SÜD Hausbau – focus on modern green residential real estate

The current real estate market is booming – and residential real estate is enjoying an all-time high with investors. When seeking suitable real estate, private investors, institutional sponsors and owner-occupiers depend on real estate companies like Stuttgart NORD-SÜD Hausbau, who possess extensive market expertise and a wealth of experience. The real estate experts have been handling residential building projects for nearly 60 years – from apartment blocks to entire urban districts. Since its establishment in 1954 the medium-sized company has built around 10,000 apartments and houses with a surface area totalling 600,000 m2. As a building ­contractor and real estate developer it has played a major role in urban development from southern Germany to the Rhineland with prestigious projects like the award-winning O87 in Stuttgart, Bonn’s RheinLogen or Weitblick in Böblingen.

NORD-SÜD Hausbau offers a rounded portfolio of services in the area of project development for residential real estate. This ranges from acquiring suitable property and development to the sale of new real estate. Core markets are ­located in southern Germany with an emphasis on Stuttgart, and in the Rhineland with a company office in Cologne. The real estate experts are particularly committed to ecological and resource-­efficient building. Aside from the use of mineral ­insulation materials NORD-SÜD Hausbau develops innovative concepts for supplying new residential buildings with CO2-neutral energy, based on the use of wind turbines, for instance.

The company’s projects bear a distinctive signature. The focus is always on people and their desire for future-oriented sustainable living space. This is why NORD-SÜD Hausbau adopts a holistic approach in planning and implementing all real estate projects. So architecture, infrastructure, sustainability, quality of life, good living and ecology are accorded equal weight in the course of fundamental considerations. The company thus creates houses and living space ­guaranteed to satisfy the very highest standards.