Living with SWSG – affordable and valuable

Affordable apartments are valuable, especially in such an economically prosperous town as Stuttgart. Affordable living space is the core business of the Stuttgarter Wohnungs- und Städtebaugesellschaft mbH (SWSG). The housing association of the regional capital of Stuttgart doesn’t only follow the goal of offering fair prices on the market. There is another criterion that makes the offer of SWSG particularly valuable.

Living quality is one of the most important goals of SWSG. For this reason it has for years worked on continually modernising its housing stock. In the past six years nearly 3,200 apartments have been brought to the latest energy-efficiency standards or rebuilt according to modern stipulations by the SWSG. Nearly 300 million euros has been invested in the sustainable development of its 18,000 housing units.

The SWSG’s refurbishment programme is currently focused on large housing developments such as the “Inselsiedlung” in Stuttgart Wangen or in Hallschlag. This strategy reveals itself to be doubly valuable. Firstly for the environment, for example through the saving of around 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Secondly, the tenants of SWSG know to value these efforts, because living well in an attractive environment is highly valuable.