Sustainable construction for people and the environment

Forty years of project development is a ­solid foundation on which a company can reliably build. To date, DIBAG Industriebau AG has completed over 1,480 projects with a total floor space of approximately 4,750,000 m2.

The real estate company plans and builds trade and industrial projects, administrative buildings, shopping centres and residential complexes all over Germany. Special attention is given to conservation, the protection of historical buildings, property renovations as well as the further development of specialist properties and their administration.

Sites with a history
Industrial complexes which are no longer active are given a new lease of life by DIBAG. Existing buildings frequently offer the advantage of already being accessible and having suitable infrastructure and transport connections. Risks associated with contaminated sites and building structures have to be identified and managed.

From industry to culture
One of these ‘historical’ sites was an old industrial plant at Löwentor in Stuttgart. As project developer and general planner, DIBAG designed rehearsal rooms with a studio theatre for the Württembergische Staatstheater (Württemberg National Theatre) and storage places for the Landesmuseen Baden-Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg State Museums). Work was completed on a site of about 18,000 m2 in a 14-month construction period. This task brought with it complex requirements. Irrespective of the number of people on the premises, constant temperatures were required, while the cooling system needed to work quietly and without any draughts. A reliable humidifying system and good acoustics were also very important.

From the vision to the finished product
In other cases, a successful development project begins with an empty site. The goal of the DIBAG project developer is then to develop an economically viable and ecologically sustainable project on this kind of greenfield site – combined with attractive architecture.

DIBAG’s biggest asset
A reliable, experienced and dedicated workforce from many different disciplines is required for such projects to be tackled and implemented and to work well despite their complexity. The quality of DIBAG’s work is ensured by around 200 architects, engineers and administrative staff.