FEIN – a history marked by invention

The field of power tools has experienced constant innovation since 1895, when C. & E. FEIN GmbH, based in Bargau near Schwäbisch Gmünd, invented the world’s first power tool. This traditional enterprise therefore ranks as one of the companies that have built Baden-Württemberg’s reputation as a state of inventors and thinkers.

Established over 145 years ago, the family-owned company is a power tool manufacturer of world renown, and an attractive employer in the region. Internationally successful, this premium manufacturer develops and produces professional, exceptionally reliable power tools for continuous heavy duty implementation in trade and industry. Inventions focus on typical user requirements. FEIN collaborates closely with partners in trade and industry to supply particularly user-centred solutions.Its success as a premium manufacturer of power tools is founded on the combination of traditional core brand values like robustness, user-friendliness and ingenuity, and the use of targeted tools to develop as a global player.

Its success story began in 1867, when Wilhelm Emil Fein opened a workshop for electrical and physical apparatus in Karlsruhe. The company soon established itself in the electrical engineering sector, moving its headquarters to Stuttgart three years later. Success was driven by the founder’s ambition: electric drives were designed to be as compact as possible, with the aim of greatly increasing their efficiency and versatility.

In 1895 FEIN made history with the invention of the world‘s first power tool, an electric hand drill. The original tool is on exhibit today in the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

The success of the electric hand drill paved the way for other power tools by FEIN. The innovative company has not been idle since then either: in 1967, for instance, it developed and patented the forebear of the present MultiMaster, the first oscillating delta sander, which was later developed into a universal system for interior construction and renovation.

In 2007 FEIN set its future course and grouped all sectors at its production site and present headquarters. The international FEIN Group has 19 subsidiaries and more than 50 agencies worldwide. Since its foundation, the company has focused its policy on training young people and continuously developing the skills of its employees. FEIN is well equipped for the future: the company plans to expand steadily both in traditional markets and in new growth areas. FEIN invests strategically in extending its product development, production and international sales activities, thus ensuring future innovations and user-oriented solutions for the metal, interior construction and automotive market segments.