Centrally located on the Zuffenhausen Porscheplatz, in the Porsche Museum the sports car manufacturer displays more than 80 vehicles and many small-scale exhibits. Legendary racing cars, fascinating series models and original prototypes enthral visitors from the origins to the present day of the Porsche history. Aside from classics like the Porsche 356, 911 or 917, the development achievements of Professor Ferdinand Porsche dating from the early years of the 20th century are also honoured.

The Porsche Museum – one of the largestand most splendid building projects in the company’s history – is a crowd-puller not least due to its outstanding architecture: a dynamically contoured, monolithic structure supported by only three concrete cores that seems to float above the ground. Whilst the daring architecture of the building reflects Porsche’s originality, self-assurance and sense of tradition, the exhibition with its racing cars in the starting blocks of the “Rolling Museum” brings the company’s history to life. A chronological round tour shows the product history, complemented by special theme areas which provide in-depth information, for instance on Porsche’s motor sport activities, special models or the many external development projects.

So-called theme islands, supported by lots of small-scale exhibits, are designed to convey to visitors the “Porsche Idea” in all its complexity. The museum foyer awaits visitors with a bistro, coffee bar, museum shop and also the museum workshop, in which antique Porsche automobiles are restored and prepared for racing. Graced with ample conference facilities, the Porsche-Museum can also be used for conferences, company events and private occasions independently of the opening hours. Moreover, the Porsche Museum presents special exhibitions several times a year on the marque and its history.