SWR – programmes for the future

Even if often disputed: innovations are not an end unto themselves. And technical innovations certainly not. They are extrinsic as long as perceptions and ­objectives that transcend beyond the present are not associated with them. With the ultra-modern new building and the new trimedial studios in Stuttgart, Südwestrundfunk (SWR) has strengthened the city and completely modernised the production of radio and television programmes. But behind all these investments is a much more far-reaching intent: fulfilling the information, education and culture mandate of public broadcasters in the future as well. Perhaps even better than today. For all media users and on all available distribution channels. By means of unique programmes and services that make visible the two core competences of SWR – regionality and topicality.

Technological progress allows radio, television and the Internet to grow ever more strongly together, and the technical and organisational improvements must ­follow them. Today, multimedia and interactive considerations are ­already ­covered in the planning phase of im­portant SWR projects, as happened for example in the cultural highlight “Don Giovanni” in Stuttgart. Theatre, television, radio and Internet makers produced a national Gesamtkunstwerk out of a ­local cultural event thanks to their cross-media collaboration, achieving connections between people and their interests. In a society that is becoming in­creas­ing­­­­­­ly personalised and therefore appears to have a growing need for self-assurance, the media helps with the orientation.

SWR wants to remain a flexible part of the media and knowledge society both in Stuttgart and at its other locations. The new multifunctional studios were built in order to create programmes for the ­future. They are accompanied by more flexible workflows and stronger networ­king in SWR. Both reflect the general shift in the media. In this respect the new building in Stuttgart lays down two markers: the extended broad­casting centre is on the one hand a piece of ­contemporary architecture whose functionality allows trimedial ­media ­production and on the other a place from which the digital programmes set off disembodied into the world. Both markers – local and global – reflect the public broadcasting identity of SWR.

The programmes for the state channel SWR Television are produced in Stuttgart, such as the magazine programme “SWR Landesschau Baden-Württemberg”, the news show “SWR Landes­schau aktuell Baden-Württemberg” and the political show “Zur Sache Baden-Württemberg”. Also broadcasting from here are the state radio stations SWR1 and SWR4 Baden-Württemberg as well as the regional station Radio Stuttgart, which reports on everything important from the state capital and its surroundings. The business and international desks also work in Stuttgart, producing the consumer affairs show “Marktcheck” as well as flagship programmes of the public broadcaster “das Erste” such as the business show “Plusminus”, the foreign affairs programme “Weltspiegel” and the consumer affairs show “ARD Ratgeber Auto und Verkehr”. Issues concerning Baden-Württemberg set the tone of prominent television and radio productions such as “Rommel”, “Margarete Steiff” or the detective show “Tatort” when set in Stuttgart.

The director general, administrative director and the broadcasting admini­stration for Baden-Württemberg are also based in the state capital.