Spaces to work and live in

Since the 1960s artists like Joseph Beuys or Bruce Naumann have broached the issue of the artist’s studio and its often mythological connection with the artist. There is a large number of artists who took their physical creative space as a point of departure for self-reflection and strategic thinking. It therefore comes to no surprise that today creative ideas sprout in light-flooded spaces.

Take for example the MKI, Stuttgart Centre for Media, Art and Innovative Services, a hub of creativity from various sectors. Creativity virtually owns this place, which is reflected everywhere. Numerous sculptures adorning roofs, terraces and patios of the MKI compound can be seen from a distance. Covering 15,000 m2 of creative space, the centre is a meeting point for start-ups and well-established companies alike. Advertising agencies, event agencies, new media, film and photo production companies, law firms and various other creative service providers call it their home. Sometimes it is all in a name. This is definitely true for the Römerkastell (Roman Castle) quarter in Bad Cannstatt. There is much air and space for courageous new ideas to develop.But the Römerkastell has become more than just a new urban development project; its centre is transforming into the lively hub of the surrounding quarter, with many service and gastronomy offerings. The campus of the Ludwigsburg Film Academy is home to numerous creative businesses connected to film and acting, like the Institute for Animation or the Masterclass for Young European Film Producers, a French-German cooperation. Numerous film ideas have originated in the baroque city of Ludwigsburg, some of which were bestowed with national and international prizes.

One example is Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo Cabret”, which won an Oscar for best visual effects and in which graduates from Ludwigsburg played an important role. In Kornwestheim, another town in the vicinity, a new urban quarter stands on the former premises of the Salamander shoe factory, itself a listed building. The concept is to bring all aspects of life together. Freehold flats and rented apartments, business premises and offices can be found as well as town villas and a barrier-free housing complex for the elderly.

Computer experts and technology enthusiasts are drawn to the Böblingen Software Centre. The currently 90 member companies complete each other’s service offerings and core competencies, covering an enormous field within the IT market, with a focus on software. The Software Centre offers business space for rent at affordable prices, rounded off by numerous business services and great cooperation options. Which brings us back to the starting point. The connection between studio and everyday life, laboratory and the stage – great artists like McCarthy or Kippenberger were living examples.