Building with conscience

We all jointly bear responsibility. It has therefore been recognised that the success of construction projects depends on the choice of materials. Sustainability and recyclability are not only lifestyle buzzwords, but also address planners and builders. The choice of materials available today and the even greater range of possible uses represent a great challenge to engineers and architects, but at the same time allow a broad spectrum of innovative solutions with regard to sustainability, environmental protection and resource conservation. This is how Sto AG in Stuttgart, a specialist for the thermal insulation of facades, old buildings and homes, has developed into an international technology leader for the practical and sustainable design of constructed living spaces. In close cooperation with our market partners, we at Sto develop innovative, functional products and systems for use in creating and shaping building components and surfaces for external and internal use. Only recently the Sto apprentices were able to convince a jury in the Responsible Care competition with the redesigning of a formerly overgrown pond. Together with Friends of the Earth Germany and the apprentices of a landscape garden company, apprentices from a range of different fields worked for nearly a year on the project.

The result is a pond suitable for relaxation but that at the same time is a functioning biotope and a place to learn about sustainability. Meanwhile, at Arnold Glas in Remshalden, all energies are focused on the continuous development and research of new areas of application and improved production methods. For the exploration and development of new solutions, Arnold Glas harnesses the synergies resulting from the interlinking of all companies in the group. This ensures a high level of know-how, as demonstrated by the large number of innovation and design awards, for example the bird protection glass (ORNILUX) or developments in photovoltaics (VOLTARLUX). Bauder GmbH & Co. KG in Stuttgart uses innovative solutions is Europe’s leading manufacturer of roof systems, and has been an owner-managed company for over 150 years. Bauder is your one-stop provider of wide-ranging consultancy services plus all materials for waterproofing, insulating and planting a roof. Bauder is committed to healthy, sustainable growth and never stops re-examining its current technology. Our strength lies in recognising the specific requirements of markets at an early stage and developing tailored, innovative and sustainable solutions.