High-technology protecting resources

In times of dwindling fossil resources and increasing raw material prices, there is a worldwide need for sources of alternative resources and alternative production methods. Manufacturing companies must respond to the challenges of the resource switch at an early stage and develop strategies for the use of alternative resources. Modern material research, flexible approaches to the problem and innovation are important characteristics required to play a part in the future of high-technology.

The effectiveness, economic viability and acceptance of industrial products from the Stuttgart Region hang decisively on the materials used. However, awareness of the material among the general public often lags behind the finished system or end product. Progress in the field of surface and dosage technologies would be unthinkable without innovative materials. CeramTec, with its headquarters in Plochingen, have in this way stood out as an internationally leading supplier in the field of technical ceramics. Their in-house testing laboratory for ceramic materials has recently been awarded the status of an international independent testing laboratory by the German accreditation body.

The close intertwining between research and industry is an important precondition for the development of marketable products and processes. For example, the CERANOD®Plus hybrid surfaces offer unrivalled durable and reliable component protection in engineering and aerospace technology. Such products with unique selling propositions are of huge significance for the productivity and competitiveness of the economy, for resource protection and sustainability, and for the general increase in quality of life. ProMinent in Heidelberg can draw on the world’s widest range of dosing pumps in order to optimally fulfil specific requirements. Dosing pumps are used wherever liquids need to be dosed – in other words, administering a defined volume of medium in a defined time as precisely as possible. In addition to multifunctional control options, ProMinent also relies on microprocessor technology. In this way, the use of chemicals in the preparation of water can be kept to the absolute minimum required – an important aspect for environmental protection.