Klinikum Stuttgart – top medicine for optimum health care

Klinikum Stuttgart with its four locations Bürgerhospital, Katharinenhospital, Krankenhaus Bad Cannstatt and Olgahospital is regarded as a hospital offering maximum care while being one of the largest and most efficient health centres in Germany. Fifty clinics and institutes cover all medical fields stretching from prenatal diagnostics and intensive care of newborns to all special disciplines of paediatric and adult medicine and diseases of the elderly. State-of-the-art equipment, interdisciplinary cooperation and individually configured therapy concepts ensure medical care at the university level.

The new buildings of Klinikum Stuttgart will be the heart of the health infrastructure in the regional capital of Stuttgart, encompassing state-of-the-art infrastructure, short waiting times, close cooperation and a friendly atmosphere. Klinikum Stuttgart will be positioned in the future at two locations. One of them will be the new building of Olgahospital and Women’s Clinic in the heart of central Stuttgart, providing optimum conditions for medical care of young ­patients. Pregnant women who visit the Women’s Clinic for delivery will benefit from the direct connection to Olgahospital, providing the highest possible safety for giving birth. The new building of the Centre for Mental Health at the Bad Cannstatt location will significantly improve the care of mentally ill patients. By 2015, clinics of Bürgerhospital will move to their new locations and, by 2022, the central new building will be the pivot of medical care at the central location.

Klinikum Stuttgart always faces the challenge of top medicine by its competence, flexibility, and ability of innovation. The background is formed by efficient infrastructure, committed physicians, and ­nursing staff with vast experience and ­empathy even in complicated and complex diseases.