In the grand style of the queen

“There was once a mighty Queen, in whose gardens were found the most glorious flowers at all seasons of the year and from all countries of the world. But best of all she loved roses, and therefore she had all possible varieties of this flower, from the wild dog rose, with its apple-scented green leaves, to the most splendid roses of Provence.”
Hans Christian Andersen

Like the queen in the fairy tale of the Danish poet, Pflanzen-Kölle has tended to the rose since 1818, at that time still as nursery and market gardener and later as royal-imperial purveyor to the court. Founded by David Kölle, the family company is now managed in the sixth generation by Angelika Kölle. The company now has its own test garden for roses. Here, characteristics such as robustness, growth and scent are tested and assessed, sometimes over years. The “pupils” are tested by internal and external institutes with high levels of expertise. Around 150,000 roses of up to 140 sought-after varieties come from our nurseries every year. In 1890 Wilhelm Kölle Jr. moved the rose nursery to the climatically kinder Heilbronn. From Heilbronn outwards, a total of 12 garden centres have been opened in the past years throughout Germany. Here customers find a huge selection of balcony and garden plants, seeds and bulbs as well as perennials and of course roses. In addition, various specialist departments offer a wide selection of garden accessories, animal feed and supplies, and gifts.

Service offers such as the overwintering of plants, indoor greenery concepts and monthly special offers add to the mix. Traditional values and innovation are still important for Pflanzen-Kölle. Since 2008 the company has focused on sustainabil-ity and cultivates around 30 per cent of the nursery organically. Our 81 varieties of organic herbs are particularly popular among customers concerned about environmental protection and a healthy diet. The herb cultivation is certified with the EU organic farming label. Some 1,550 employees – including 129 apprentices – focus on the needs of the customer in the Kölle garden centres. Although “customer” is perhaps not the right word, for at Kölle you are our guests.

The guest should be able to find at Kölle what makes them feel good at home, whether indoors or outdoors. For this, in the literal sense of a customer-friendly ambience, Pflanzen-Kölle has been awarded at the “Grand Prix of medium-sized businesses” for its sustainable personnel policy. Because at Kölle, we know that satisfied customers, or even guests, are the ones who are happy to return.