Bound by tradition – spurred on by innovation – safeguarding the future with sustainability

A sustainable economy means: leaving behind a healthy ecological, social and economic structure for your children and grandchildren, according to the Council for Sustainable Development.

The residents of Baden-Württemberg certainly live by this motto. “Sustainability is at the heart of every decision made by the government”, says Baden-Württemberg’s Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann, introducing the state’s new sustainability strategy in spring 2012. The economic sustainability initiative has brought together representatives from 29 companies to debate the attributes of sustainability. The initiative is also supported by numerous chambers of commerce, ministries and professional associations. Reutlingen has been sharing its expertise with the rest of the world for more than 140 years. STOLL, the flat knitting machine manufacturer, sees itself as an ­interface between market, fashion and technology.

The company has showrooms in Reutlingen and New York. Olymp was founded in 1951 in ­Bietigheim-Bissingen by Eugen Bezner. OLYMP Bezner GmbH & Co. KG makes most of its high-quality products ­using the natural fibres of renewable raw ­materials like cotton, silk, wool or cashmere. The company is committed to its ­long-term responsibility to its employees, suppliers, producers and customers.

Why it’s good to carry your baby

The story of DIDYMOS baby slings begins with the twins Lisa and Tina (in Ancient Greek, twin = didymos). It was a typical situation: crying children and a never-ending mountain of housework. Mother of four Erika Hoffmann could have done with at least one more hand. The first time Erika Hoffmann carried her daughter Tina in a wrap, as many women in India do, a neighbour called out after her in the local dialect: “Mir braucha so a Glumps net, mir hen a Oma für d’ Borscht” (and in English: “We don’t need rubbish like that, we have a granny for the children”).

That was 41 years ago. Today, DIDYMOS is Europe´s largest manufacturer of baby slings. With good reason, because the “replacement granny” has many advantages, confirms paediatrician Dr Theodor Hellbrügge from Munich: “A baby who is carried is much better off than a baby in a pushchair. Some­thing as simple as skin to skin and eye contact promotes the baby´s physical and brain development during their first few months.” Parents can carry their baby like this for hours at a time.

The baby feels protected and safe. Even a two-year-old can be carried easily for up to five hours. From the outset, only materials free from chemicals were used for the cloths, long before the terms “environmentally friendly” and “ecological” were fashionable or important to parents.