Bosch – a global network for innovations

Conserving energy, protecting the environment, saving lives – all these are things in which a supplier of technology such as Bosch can also play a role. Nearly half the Bosch research and development budget goes into products that conserve resources and protect the environment. It is no coincidence that "Invented for life" is the company’s leitmotif.

In the future, Bosch technology will be increasingly networked with and on the internet of things and services, with household appliances that only switch on when the electricity price is right, or with anti-skid sensors that warn following vehicles of icy roads. And to make the eCall service a reality, for example, many domains come together: airbag sensors trigger an emergency call, and the driver’s geodata and language are transmitted automatically, so that the operations centre can react especially quickly and appropriately. These are precisely the kind of solutions that can emerge from a highly networked company such as Bosch.

One of the drivers of this networking will be the new research centre currently being built in Renningen near Stuttgart. This new centre will be like a campus, where engineers and scientists from all disciplines can exchange ideas and be inspired by each other’s projects. And they themselves are only one part of a global network. Across the globe, nearly 42,800 associates work in research and development, 26,400 of them in Europe, 2,600 in the Americas, and as many as 13,800 in Asia Pacific. From engine management systems to hammer drills, low-cost solutions for the Chinese or Indian markets are the result of cooperation between Asian and European engineers. Room for creativity can span the entire globe.

All in all, Bosch employs more than 300,000 people around the world. Just over one-third of them work in Germany. After Germany, China and India count the highest number of Bosch associates. In 2012, the company’s worldwide sales came to 52.5 billion euros. And significantly, one-quarter of this was generated in Asia Pacific.

It is this global presence that makes Bosch an exciting company, especially for young people, regardless of whether they are university graduates or apprentice skilled workers. For example, the hydraulics developed by the Bosch Rexroth subsidiary can be found both in the stage machinery of the renovated Bolshoi Theatre and in the locks of the newly widened Panama Canal. To work at Bosch is to be part of a far-reaching network of career opportunities.