Private schools in Stuttgart

Private schools have a long tradition in Stuttgart, and have always enriched the public school system. Thanks to their versatility private schools are now an indispensable part of Stuttgart’s educational environment, and enhance the attractiveness of the city as a place for business and living.

In the selection of a place to live, both current and future parents are strongly influenced by educational considerations: The presence of a rich selection of public and private schools with a broad spectrum of educational approaches can be a determining factor. The right to freely select a school to attend is guaranteed by the German constitution. Parents can take full advantage of this right in Stuttgart, thanks to its wide selection of schools. There are several all-day schools to choose from in Stuttgart – private schools in the city are leading the way in the area of all-day education. Regardless of which school is finally selected, the city and local economy stand to gain when new residents are drawn to Stuttgart on account of the city’s schools.

Yet not only parents benefit from the existence of private schools – the economy profits as well. Vocational schools are strongly oriented towards the needs of the employment market and quickly adapt their curriculums to current economic and technological developments. Vocational schools produce qualified and motivated employees. Renowned and internationally-recognized vocational colleges, technical schools, and academies are based in Stuttgart: Companies in Stuttgart don’t have to look far for the next generation of employees. Many fields of study are offered, from business administration, foreign languages, and technical fields to elder care, gymnastics, and fashion design.

The promotion of schools in Stuttgart has a high priority due to their importance for the city as a business location. Stuttgart makes great efforts to support its schools.

The schools, in turn, positively impact the city’s social infrastructure, quality of life, and employment market, while improving the education of its populace. VDP Landesverband is an independently operated professional association based in Stuttgart representing over 250 educational institutions in Baden-Württemberg. The association represents the interests of private schools and provides information about current developments and questions in the field of education, schooling, and vocational training.