Welcome to Merz-Schule and Merz-Internat

The Merz educational institution comprises the officially recognised private school (VDP Europaschule, partner school of Olympiastützpunkt Stuttgart, the elite sports school, prizewinner of the ASU Special Environmental Award), boarding school and kindergarten.

The Merz family has run the school and boarding school since 1918 in the spirit of its founder, Senator Albrecht Leo Merz. Rather than focusing solely on training the student’s intellect, a holistic educational approach embracing the whole person is pursued with the aim of combining theoretical and practical ­intelligence. The school offers its students a wide range of subjects that fully complies with the state curriculum, and also special offerings that go far beyond the school education requirements stipulated by the state, in particular in respect of character-building activities.

The overall spectrum comprises: kindergarten, half- and full-day care, primary school with after-school care, high school with after- school facilities, boarding school, workshops and sports amenities (including swimming pool), cooperation with the STG Stuttgarter Tennisgemeinschaft ­Geroksruhe e.V. and the Stuttgart ­Kickers Hockey and Tennis Club. A range of additional activities is offered including musical afternoons with around 30 interest groups from a wide variety of fields like debating, theatre, art, handicrafts and sport, research or environmental projects, study trips and international exchanges.

Students have ample opportunity to practice and develop their personal talents and skills in the course of these activities. The aim is to prepare school-leavers for the future as active, creative, ­responsible citizens with moral courage and social skills, thus equipping them to meet the demands placed on them by society and life, and to actively shape both.