«Baden-Württemberg International lends support to domestic and foreign companies, research institutions and ­universities, clusters and networks by serving as the central first point-of-contact in all questions relating to internationalisation.»

Baden-Württemberg International – your partner on the path to global success

Baden-Württemberg International (bw-i) is the competence centre for the state of Baden-Württemberg for the internationalisation of business, science and research. bw-i lends support to domestic and foreign companies, research institutions and universities, clusters and networks as well as regions and municipalities as first point-of-contact in all questions relating to internationalisation.

Unrivalled in Germany and a clear unique selling point for bw-i is that this state enterprise not only supports mid-sized company business by developing foreign markets and making the economic ­location of Baden-Württemberg known world-wide, it is also commissioned with university and research marketing.

About 55 employees with comprehensive experience in foreign markets and international project management work at the headquarters in the state capital of Stuttgart. In addition, bw-i is represented by its own overseas branch office in Nanjing, China.

When settling in a new region, foreign companies are confronted with a broad range of questions and challenges. Baden-Württemberg International supports these companies in overcoming obstacles easily, rapidly and competently.

Our support service for foreign companies not only includes providing general information about Baden-Württemberg as a business and scientific centre, but also specific data about the economy and population as well as information on general legal conditions and social insurance.

bw-i also supports foreign companies in their search for suitable business and research partners as well as appropriate company sites. We are also helpful in organising site inspections, always on location in close collaboration with the regional and communal sponsoring ­organisations.

Administrative procedures such as those relating to regulatory or statutory approval processes often become difficult challenges for foreign companies ­interested in settling in the area. Baden-Württemberg International is the right point-of-contact for such questions in this case as well.

Apart from our own services, we also provide information about interesting offers from other players active in the economic development sector, technology-oriented specialist institutions as well as regional cluster initiatives and networks that work state-wide. We will gladly mediate contacts to these relevant groups.

Jürgen Oswald
CEO Baden-Württemberg International