Real estate is historical testimony

This is why we are enthusiastic about preserving old buildings through carefully planned and creative renovation work. The reutilisation of old or abandoned buildings and the associated creation of new forms of living are gaining in im­portance due to steadily growing dem­and among clients. Prime Estate Partners has therefore specialised in the co-development and sale of revitalised former industrial and commercial buildings. The team inspects every building with the ­developer prior to purchase, provides ­consultation during the planning ­phase, and participates in project engineering until the last residence is sold.

In addition to the marketing of renovated existing structures and old buildings, Prime Estate Partners is also involved in the development and sale of new real estate, and is active in the investment sector. Since 2005, Prime Estate Partners has successfully transformed over 40,000 square metres (430,500 square feet) of living space and industrial real estate, supported development, and expertly mediated business deals. The purchase or sale of real estate can be a very challenging task, and there are good reasons not to go it alone. It is crucial to engage reliable and supporting consulting partners like the team of Gabriele Mair, Niels Goyke and Mario Beining to work with and guide you.

For Prime Estate Partners, brokering real estate deals and providing consultation services in all real estate issues is a sophisticated service demanding the highest standards. Providing the best personal assistance to clients is the daily mission of this real estate firm in Stuttgart. The two managing directors demand of their team a high level of expertise and perso­nal engagement. Their clients entrust the firm with large property assets that Prime Estate Partners must handle responsibly.

In response to heavy demand, the establishment of a rental department has now expanded the portfolio of Prime Estate Partners. Clients also appreciate the professional acquisition of investors and building management services.