Bankwitz Architekten are committed and connected to nature and the environment

How did the polar bear house get its name?

The polar bear and its efficient heat transfer system inspired the energy concept of the residential and commercial building in Kirchheim unter Teck, constructed in compliance with the passive house standard.

Planned by Bankwitz Architekten, the ”polar bear house” recycles indoor heat loads like the energy generated by computers and monitors with the help of a highly efficient heat recovery system. For years energy consumption and, in turn, energy costs have remained at the same modest level. The building is constructed according to the Vorarlberg Eco Guide: all materials were selected on the basis of their compatible CO2 balance sheet. Compensating for the white pine wood used in the building, in 2011 the office contributed to the 40th anniversary of the region‘s white pine forestation scheme by planting some 450 young trees in Kirchheim Forest.

Optimised in terms of energy and ecology, the building stands for the values of holism and sustainability, which are deeply rooted in Bankwitz Architekten‘s corporate culture. This commitment has been honoured by several awards, including Baden-Württemberg‘s Environmental Award 2012.

The team focuses on its clients. As real estate and its utilisation is a major asset to proprietors, stewardship and development have a major impact on the economic future of the latter, and a direct effect on our environment. Husbanding and enhancing these assets is one of the key goals for the future. Best serving clients, in observance of the above principles, is therefore central to the team‘s activities. Bankwitz Architekten‘s clients include the public sector (at federal, state and municipal level), small and medium-sized enterprises and developers. A permanent staff of 30 architects and engineers is engaged in economically feasible, sustainable building planning and maintenance. Bankwitz Architekten: passionate about their job, single-minded in tackling challenges. Rather like their role model, the polar bear.