Mack & Schühle AG – success through sustainability

Founded in 1939 as a wine store, today Mack & Schühle AG is the most successful wine merchant in Central Europe. They provide a wide range of services that includes production, logistics and procurement and, with its competent marketing concepts, is aimed at achieving a successful transfer of goods at the point of sale. Distribution is focused on the food retail distribution channels and retail/wholesale trade and includes the quality-oriented marketing of leading international producer brands, private labels and their own concepts at all price levels. To ensure its core competencies are successfully implemented, Mack & Schühle AG has its own quality management system, consisting of seven oenologists, professional key account management and a sales team of 40 motivated staff.

Their proactive business philosophy is also demonstrated by the fact that Mack & Schühle was the first wine merchant in Europe to be IFS broker-certified. Mack & Schühle AG is not just a business. A variety of international partnerships and interests have created a world-wide network. Decades-old working relationships underline a fair, clear and transparent way of dealing with one another and are essential for a long-term successful working relationship with a limited, nature-dependent product. With constant growth and the increasing internationalisation of the company comes increased responsibility to society and the environment. Together with many long-serving employees and the continued expansion of a qualified personnel base, Mack & Schühle has a part of its commitment to sustainable responsibility at its site at Owen (Teck), located in the Swabian Alb biosphere reserve. In 2012, this led Mack & Schühle AG to apply for EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) certification, to make this responsibility public.

Durch das stetige Wachstum und die zunehmende Internationalisierung des Unternehmens wächst zudem die Verantwortung gegenüber der Gesellschaft und der Umwelt. In Verbindung mit der langen Zugehörigkeit von vielen Mit­arbeitern und dem weiteren Ausbau ­eines qualifizierten Personalstamms sieht Mack & Schühle einen Teil seiner nachhaltigen Verantwortung am Standort Owen (Teck), welcher im Biosphären­gebiet der Schwäbischen Alb liegt. Diese Tatsachen haben die Mack & Schühle AG im Jahr 2012 dazu bewogen, sich nach der europäischen Norm für Umwelt­management (EMAS) validieren zu ­lassen und sich somit dieser Verantwortung öffentlich zu stellen.

This environment management system focuses on the careful use of natural resources on site, the use of environmentally friendly production and logistics processes, along with sustainable business practices. For example, all the paper used by the company is now recycled, while 2,565 m² of solar panels have been installed on the roofs of the company´s buildings. As an international trading company, Mack & Schühle AG works together with its partners to focus strongly on the continuous development of our economic and environmental responsi­bility for sustainability. The company also attaches great importance to optimised logistics processes and the latest means of transport, as well as the promotion of environmentally friendly viticulture, including organic vineyards, combined with the newest cellar technology.

Mack & Schühle AG has become one of the most successful marketers of or­ganic wines. A belief in long-term partnerships and rapid adaptation to changes in the market were and are the driving force of Mack & Schühle´s success – as are the professional staff who carry out their daily work responsibly and enthusiastically.