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The Baden-Württemberg Innovation Alliance (innBW) is a strong alliance of twelve non-profit research institutes that conduct applied, results-driven research in the important growth sectors of the future.

The twelve non-university innBW research facilities are geared towards industry‘s demands. They develop technology fields important for the state of Baden-Württemberg and transfer this knowledge to companies in the form of joint projects or contract research.

This way the innBW spans a bridge to companies. Member institutes‘ staff have a track record of cooperating with various economic sectors and are able to provide specific problem solutions. This knowledge transfer from basic ¬≠research to the industrial application enables smaller companies to compete successfully in global markets and to even achieve leading positions in their sector.

The main objective of innBW is to promote small and medium-sized enterprises and the partnership with large enterprises. The twelve innBW member institutes are united in the joint claim to develop appropriate innovations for a better tomorrow through cooperation with partners from industry and research.

12 institutes – 12 beacons

The twelve institutes of the innBW are among the outstanding beacons in the research landscape of Baden-Württemberg. In close collaboration with the economy, the 1,150 employees carried out 2,200 industry commissions and 524 public research projects last year. The members of this successful research alliance are:

Every institute of the innovation alliance covers a unique array of topics and has specific competencies and excellent technical equipment at its disposal.

Growth sector of the future
Together the 12 institutes of the innBW offer a comprehensive performance portfolio across the entire development process, from the initial idea to market maturity. Their work is oriented towards the four essential sectors of the future:

In addition, the institutes focus on seven especially important, highly efficient interdisciplinary technologies that can achieve productivity effects in many industries and applications:

Based on these priorities, the innBW together with partner companies has developed products, processes and services up to market maturity, fulfilling the alliance‘s role as a pioneer to maintain and expand the state‘s position as European top technology region.