Mechatronik – perfection, quality and passion

Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz’s invention of the engine-driven passenger car in 1886 made history far beyond the borders of the Stuttgart Region, and Mercedes-Benz vehicles are still icons of automotive engineering. Mechatronik GmbH was founded 110 years later in Pleidelsheim, and rapidly developed into one of the best known, internationally operating technical services companies for classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Customers from all over the world particularly appreciate the perfection, passion and top quality standard of the classic experts, working according to the Mechatronik philosophy which could have been articulated by Gottlieb Daimler when he demanded “nothing but the best”.

Whether service, repair, partial or full restoration, technology modifications, prototype development or trade business with classic Mercedes-Benz models: a team of 40 specialists works in modern spacious workshop facilities covering 6,000 m2 to provide solutions for even offbeat customer desires: this team consists of a good mix of skilled workmen with many years of experience, and highly-qualified young staff. In the course of the last sixteen years the specialists at Mechatronik GmbH have acquired a wealth of knowledge and competence in Mercedes-Benz classic cars.

Mechatronik Engineering provides a synthesis of classic and modern vehicle modifications, responding to the desire of a growing number of classic car fans for a perfect combination of an “original classic look” and technical performance allowing daily use. The engineering experts at Mechatronik have developed procedures for installing modern engine and chassis technology into Mercedes-Benz classic cars in a way that these modifications can be completely reversed to their original state at any time. In this regard as well, no other company has more knowledge and experience in such a unique combination of classic and modern.

The Stuttgart Region is known for its enormous range of mobility innovations. Aside from the “big players” in the automotive and machine construction industry of the region, many small and midsize companies have made their own special mark in the industry. Mechatronik of Pleidelsheim is a very good example.